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Editor of this internet proposal is in the legal sense:

Hr. Stephan Witte
59602 RÜTHEN

Links and references:

An obligatory liability for direct and indirect references to other websites that lie beyond the responsibilities and influence of the editor can only become effective in cases where the editor informed about the websites content and in cases where it could have been technically possible and reasonable to prevent the usage regarding unlawful contents. The editor explicitly dissociates from illegal contents of externally linked websites. The editor has no influence on current and future presentations and contents of linked/associated websites. Therefore the editor herewith explicitly disociates from all contents of all linked websites that have been changed after the actual, original linking. This statement applies for links and associations that have been placed within the own website offer ,as well as, for externally made entries on guest books, discussion forum and mailing lists which have been set up by the editor. The provider of the website, whose website is referred to - and not the provider whose website is merely referring to particular sites through a link, is exclusively liable for any illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and especially for damages that might result from the usage or disuse of such information.
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